Large Scale Community Associations are special and reflect a choice to share a lifestyle and sense of community. That's why you decided to move there, and made the choice to volunteer and serve your neighbors.

As a Member of the Board, you shoulder responsibilities that are typically greater and more complex on behalf of your community. More neighbors, more fiscal responsibilities, more amenities, density issues, on-site staff, more maintenance, more opportunities, and more challenges. Hammersmith can help.

Learn how Hammersmith Management can help increase your effectiveness

Hammersmith can help you:

  • Preserve your community's beauty
  • Ensure compliance for the benefit of your community
  • Enhance property values
  • Direct service standards
  • Fulfill your fiduciery obligations to the Association

We've been providing large-scale communities and their Boards with guidance and management services for
three decades. We're large enough to offer a full breadth of custom-tailored solutions while small enough to care
deeply about your success.

We reduce your workload and increase your effectiveness by:

  • Having experts on staff when you need them. When your questions involve a construction project, a community celebration, a neighborhood communiqué, an insurance review, association audit, legislative update or any other facet of Association and Facilities Management, we have someone who can get you the answers.
  • Providing expertise as well as management oversight for on-site staff, including: grounds keepers, maintenance personnel, golf and recreation center staff, food and beverage, clubhouse and other employee service and support team members.
  • Facilitating Human Resources Services. We provide staffing needs for both on and off-site staff to benefit the Association, plus payroll and benefits administration, as well as a host of other HR services.
  • Preparing detailed financial reports that give you all the information you need to make well-informed and prudent decisions.
  • Offering clear comparisons and expert advice on vendor services.
  • Improving homeowner relations by offering newsletter, website, e-blast and other communication solutions.
  • Providing an Accredited and Well-Trained General Manager who works proactively with you and in concert with our experts, to resolve issues before and when they arise.

Our goal is to elevate the homeowner service experience and provide the best practices of hospitality, community and property management to our large scale clients.

One call or email to Hammersmith Management starts the process.